Monday, April 17, 2006

i think we need to get booked to play here, even if they don't usually have music.

i found these on fark...

run, fonzie, run

elvis fonzerelli

always cool under pressure

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i've really been trying to write for a while. i haven't written a song of record since i wrote "run away" in november of 2004. i guess i've been trying to hard, or trying to write something that people would like. i've got some pretty cool ideas working right now, and i actually finished something earlier tonight. it's dark, random, and unpleasing. but you know what? there's a lot of happy, catchy, poppy stuff out there that gets your fm dial all sticky and gross. i like dark. if i write enough dark stuff, i'll eventually feel good about being that kind of writer, and i'll write something poppy as a mockery of myself, and it will be a hit song. people will love the song and come to the concert, where i'll open up with it, and then play dark rock y'allternative stuff for the 30 "real" fans that are there, and the rest will leave confused. the reviews will be bad, but there's no such thing as bad publicity, and we'll make enough money off the one hit song that we'll be able to continue writing and playing what we want.

without further ado, i bring you the new song - bad apple.
don't think i'll play it just because i wrote it.

We used to eat twenty nine cent tacos
at the casa next to campus
and we'd hitch a ride to como
where they'd sell the white kids
thunderbird wine
we'd drive home smoking cigarettes
practice the lies we'd tell our parents
when we got home that night
we were bad bad bad bad apples, don't worry about the bunch

too poor to be a rich kid
too rich to be poor kid
too smart to be a dropout
didn't care to be a smart kid
but i'd always get my ass kicked
and i'd pick up some hot chicks
just because they felt sorry for me
we were bad bad bad bad apples, don't worry about the bunch