Saturday, April 08, 2006

From WVLT in Tennessee...
Farragut, Knox County (WVLT) - A Knox County bus driver is facing DUI and hit and run charges after allegedly taking Farragut High School students on a drunken ride.
44-year-old Jennifer Reddy apparently picked up 27 students while intoxicated.
The Sheriff's Department says after driving erratically, Reddy sideswiped a parked car before finally taking the students back to school.
Several students used their cell phones to call their parents.
She blew a 0.264 on a breathalyzer test, that is three times the legal limit.
According to Russ Oaks from Knox County Schools, in addition to charges, Reddy will never be allowed to drive buses in Knox County.

Like any drunken escapade, this could have ended up horribly tragic, but since it doesn't appear that any one innocent was injured, I will admit that I think it's kinda funny. Not like "America's Funniest Home Video" funny. But "oh shit I can't believe that really happend" funny.

I haven't had a drink in five months, and I quit drinking because I spent about 17 years doing stupid stuff and getting in trouble and making myself sicker and sicker, but driving a schoolbus drunk was beyond anything I ever did. I got into my share of trouble, but I would say that this chick is screwed.

There's a billboard for a DWI lawyer on 121 that says "Who said responsible social drinking is illegal?" I'd like to see the case they tried to put together on this... Maybe they'd try to plea bargain first. "It was senior skip day, everyone as doing it. My client was reaching out to the young people, trying to let them know the adults are not that much different than they are. How about we plead guilty on public intox, 10 hours community service and a hundred dollar fine?" I have a feeling that would get shot down muy rapido.

It says that they were going on a field trip, so I'm assuming they left about noon. I'm guessing that she might have started drinking about 7am, so that gives her five hours of Fun With Booze. According to, she would have had FIFTEEN delicious and refreshing beverages in this time if she was a average sized woman. I don't think I could even achieve that at the height of my intake during the best of music festivals... One and a half more drinks, and she would have hit the .3 mark, where internet research tells me that "most people will lose conciousness."

Thankfully, none was hurt. I'm sure busdriver lady will have plenty of time to learn a new trade while she's in the big house. Next time you do something stupid, you'll look back on this and think "naw, it wasn't that bad."


At 4:18 PM, Anonymous Scott Chaffin said...

I would have to be that schnockered to deal with teenagers on a school bus. Which is why I'm a salesman and not a bus driver.


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