Monday, March 27, 2006

i'm one of those guys that watches basketball once it gets to the march madness... that's really my favorite "sporting event." i went to tarleton, but most of my family older than me has gone to texas. my mom, grandmom, grandad, my dad was a professor there at the end of his life... 50% of the members of los jackcats graduated from there. so, i've always been a texas fan. it's just who i root for. i guess i should follow some tarleton sports, but i never have. my wife went to baylor, and i'll root for them if the oportunity arrises, but texas has always been my team. my three year old holds up the "hook em" sign whenever he sees something orange or that looks like a longhorn.

i'm not really incredibly sports literate. i don't argue with calls too much, and most of those that do couldn't make them better anyway. but i love watching basketball when it gets to this point. all the teams see to be so evenly matched, and i can even watch teams that i really don't know about otherwise.

i guess from here, i'm going to take on lsu as my team. i don't have any connection to other teams, and lsu beat texas, so that's who i'm going for from here. and they have crawdads where there from. i like crawdads.


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