Friday, February 11, 2005

i came home from work early today, wasn't feeling too great. but what really put me over the edge was the three people - in three different places - told me the same thing. and i quote - "you look like shit."

thanks. i appreciate it.

but knowing you're at work and i'm at home makes it all good.

shows worth going to...

we went and saw mike graham the other night. it was up there with the old 97's granada show by means of greatness. here's some of the other show i plan on hitting.

2/19 - mike graham at the white elephant in ftw.
2/23 - reckless kelly at dan's silverleaf in denton.
2/25 - reckless kelly at the axis in fort worth.
2/26 - jack ingram, solo, at poor david's in dallas.
3/19 - mike graham at woody's in ftw. he's calling this one "spring break for old people."
3/20 - adam carroll, clubhouse concert series at the white elephant.
3/24 - todd snider at dan's silverleaf in denton.

as much as i'd like to be at all of these, i bet i only make it out to 2 or 3. but it's worth a shot, right?