Sunday, January 02, 2005

It's 2005.

I guess it's been nearly a year since I've been actively blogging. So much has changed since then, but so much is still the same.

Haven't drank in nearly a year. Kinda sucks sometimes, but I'm pretty much used to it.

Luke's two. Having a kid is greater than anything I could imagine. I assume I'll have another by this time next year. But you never know.

I lost my dad right before Christmas. We weren't that close, but I don't know if that makes things esier or harder. My mom got remarried when I was about 5, so I'm closer to my step dad, but I had got to know my dad a lot more since he moved to Austin about 10 years ago. He got his PhD from there, and was working in the business school as a professor. Since I didn't know him growing up, I assumed we would be completely different, but it was really neat about how much we had in common. We listened to a lot of the same music, had a lot of the same books, same warped outlook on life... We also struggled with a lot of the same demons. I still don't know what to think about a lot of things with him, I just know I can learn from his experiences, and hope that some genetic issues weaken from one generation to the next.

OK, time's up on the therapy session. Not repressing my feelings... Not repressing my feelings...

The music stuff is about to kick back up. I'm really looking forward to playing some more. I've written a lot of new stuff, and learned how to play a lot better, some lead and all that. I'll still be doing a bunch of solo gigs, but I've also got a band. We've chosen the name Jackcat for the group, and I don't know if I like the name or not, but it's stuck so I'm dealing with it. I'm sure we can make up some cool stories about where the name came from. right now, I'd just say it's a secret if you asked.

As the Todd Snider song says, it's been a long, long year. Here's to a great 2005.