Saturday, September 24, 2005

i'm watching the tcu byu game... this is the reason i like college football. pro's suck.
i think tcu is going to come back and win it... more from me about this soon.
dag nabbit. everything seems to happen at the same time. tcu came back, got up by three, byu ran it down and made a 38 yard fg with about 1 second left. and to coincide with this, i opened my last beer i have on hand. after about 3 keystones, the last beer only lasts about 35 seconds.

if i remember, the game i watched last week was won in overtime. so here we go again.
tied at 44.

well blank blank blank blank... byu just scored on the first drive. first throw actually. now tcu has it and they're at their own 11... tcu made it across the goal line and lost possession... their reviewing the call... THE CALL IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE TOUCHDOWN COUNTS!!!!!!!!!!! It's all coming to the extra point - AND IT IS GOOD!!!!!!! FROGS WIN FROGS WIN!!!!!!

That was a heck of a game. That was a game worth watching. I'm glad I was watching it from here so I could record it... May be the most interesting game I see in quite a while.



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