Friday, February 27, 2004

haven't blogged anything in a while... been busy. lots of stuff going on.

i'm on a non-drinking hiatus again... three weeks so far. i think this is a record. o'douls has got me through the hard part, the amber's not too bad, either.

went to durango, mandy and i skied blues. stayed on the back of the mountain, which was awesome. went back last week, skied one day, hung out at todd's 6500sf unfinished mansion the rest of the time. took luke a while to adjust to the altitude, i don't think he felt too well until the end. i wish he wouldn't have felt bad, but he did like the snow.

no drinking is kinda frusterating... what am i supposed to do on friday afternoons? i think i'm going to go ride 20 miles or so.

i'll post something meaningful tonight. maybe something about the 14 books i've read since Christmas. nerd! i may go see the Jesus movie with jeff... may start writing a book of my own. i was thinking about using these f'ed up dreams i keep having and trying to tie them together with some sort of story line. that could be cool.


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