Wednesday, November 19, 2003

you may be laughing now because you got away, but i assure you, pig, that you will be cooked as well.

ok, that's not what i actually cooked, but i can say that mine was even better looking.
i had my first successful experience with my smoker. one of my favorite meats... pork tenderloin.

i made two differnt kinds... the first was rolled in pepper and stubb's bbq sauce with a little rosemary from the front garden, put it straight on the rack. the other one was maringated in vidalia onion dressing and in a foil pan. cooked about 2 hours at 250ish. it was goooo-d.

in the water above the flames, i put 3 potatoes and let them cook while the meat was on. put them in a bowl with the skins on, mashed them up with some sour cream and cheese, and put them back in a pan with cheese on top to back and baked them for a little bit.

quite good, it was. glad to know that smoker's getting some better use than just a nice black fire pit.