Thursday, September 25, 2003

OK, I'm only to the point of semi slacking... I haven't been running the full schedule, but I have made it out twice this week, about three miles each time. I was going to run tonight, but we've been setting up for a garage sale. We made the first sale at 9pm tonight. Crazy lady pulled up and asked if she could look around. I felt like that guy on the car commercial... "I'll meet you at 2am if I know you're coming."

One of the main reasons I started this marathon training is for the accomplishment factor... I think if I can pull this off, I can do anything. I've learned that my budget for next year at work is going to be $1.7m in sales, and that is definitely in "I can do anything" range. Time to start working a lot harder... Putting in some extra miles on the runs, and utilize my time better at work. I'm definitely not into working more hours, I just want to make my time count when I am there.

Monday, September 22, 2003

I'm deciding to use the internet for the good of man. The man being me. I'm prone to be a slacker in I don't have any accountability. I'm going to use this blog to track my marathon training... Therefore, it there's nothing on here, you'll know I haven't been following my schedule and you can email me and say WTF, man? Here's a little background...
Started running a year ago, couldn't finish a mile without undergoing barfage and wheezing. Worked my way up to a 5k at last years Fort Worth turkey trot, and then did a 10k at the Cowtown Marathon (and then proceeded to get really smashed). Slacked off the running, did a few 5k's here and there, and somewhere I got the dumbass idea I wanted to run a marathon. Started the training program at Luke's locker, stuck with it good for a while, and I've got into slacker mode over the last month or so. It's a five day a week schedule, so you get time off, and the long runs are on saturday. I've been drinking way too much and eating like shit, so that has curtailed my durability and increased my weight. I'm around 240lbs right now, and I'm going to get in the 220-200 range by the marathon.
It's been a lot of work so far... The longest distance we've ran is 14, and I was fine with that. It felt good, but when I'm off the program it really sucks and is no fun at all. So, I'm going to stick with it and have fun. I'll be in better shape. I just want to complete the marathon... I don't care about time. I may never do another one, but it's about the accomplishment. I set my mind to it, and I'm going to do it.