Thursday, September 25, 2003

OK, I'm only to the point of semi slacking... I haven't been running the full schedule, but I have made it out twice this week, about three miles each time. I was going to run tonight, but we've been setting up for a garage sale. We made the first sale at 9pm tonight. Crazy lady pulled up and asked if she could look around. I felt like that guy on the car commercial... "I'll meet you at 2am if I know you're coming."

One of the main reasons I started this marathon training is for the accomplishment factor... I think if I can pull this off, I can do anything. I've learned that my budget for next year at work is going to be $1.7m in sales, and that is definitely in "I can do anything" range. Time to start working a lot harder... Putting in some extra miles on the runs, and utilize my time better at work. I'm definitely not into working more hours, I just want to make my time count when I am there.


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