Saturday, May 31, 2003

It's been a while... since february? well, my cs connection was so slow that i never could get anything accomplished on here, but now i've got dsl and life seems much easier.

luke's getting big, in case anyone was wondering. if you were wondering, you are an idiot, because people don't get smaller. he's almost 8 months old how. it's just me and him today... mom's working. we went to the grocery store by tcu and all the chicks were checking us out. i wonder which one of us caught their attenion? the 250lb 28 year old or the smiling 7.5 month old.

tonight is the semi-annual installment of the fam's theme party... our group of friend from w'ford has a theme party about evey 6 months, and it's always a lot of fun. but i hate dressing up. in the past we've had the lua (i don't know how to spell loo-ow, the hawaiian this), white trash party, goodwill coctail party, saturday night live, etc, etc. tonight we're having revenge of the nerds theme party at mandy's sisters house (yeah, because there's good security, and you know the life of a rockstar. always someone following me). i'm sure it'll be a good time, but i do hate dressing up. at least this is an easy one. taking some store bought cajun crab dib and a couple gallons of Tracy Conlee's Secret Margaritas. what makes it so secret? tell me, here's the recipe. i got it from someone else (because i couldn't get it from tracy) so it can't be too secret.
1 qt. joe quervo gold
1 fifth of triple sec
1 frozen lemonade concentrate
1 frozen limeade concentrate
1c fresh lime juice
1 gallon of water (so it'll freeze)
mix it up and put in in freezer bags for 24 hours. it'll freeze to the consistency of drinkability. serve in a glass and enjoy. repeat as necessary.


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