Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Welcome to my 02/12/03 post. If you're looking for a few general rants, some stuff I think is cool, and stuff going on in my life, you're in the right place! Yes, you can live vicariously through the exciting life of a late 20's sales rep, married with one kid, a drinking problem, and active church life! Wow! After typing that, I'm just going to wait for the offers to come in from the Major Networks... Or should I wait for The End and hold out for a movie? I don't know... I'll let you decide. Call 1-900-SUCK-IT-TREBECK and vote NOW! OK, so you know, that 1-900 phrase is from SNL's Jeopardy sketch with the Sean Connery character.

Telemarketers are really bothering me lately. Not only telemarketers, but the recorded messages that say "please hold on to hear an important announcement!" I personally don't know anyone that has ever bought anything from a telemarketer. I'm actually going to break down and get caller id, and I really dislike caller id, but these people are pissing me off. As far as I know, we're on the no call list, but these people must not get it.

I'm also irritated at people who have bad attitudes and no willpower, but are pissed about stuff that they're not willing to do anything about. Kinda giving up before they get started, and getting so defensive if you say anything about it... Sometimes you need a partner to work with on some stuff, but sometimes they back out and don't want to... Enough of that, it's too vauge for you to understand, and too personal for me to go into in this format.

My dogs chewed up the arms on the Big Ass chair back here, so typing is somewhat uncomfortable.

A while back , it may have been before the days of my Blogging, but I came across two dead bodies in two days. Not as interestign as it may sound. Yesterday, I saw a near miss Motorcycle - Car challenge, but they swerved at the last second. I also missed a lady get ran over at a car wash. I have sincere condolances for her family, but I'm very glad I wasn;t there.

I started running a few months ago. It has been a great personal challenge, somewhat strenuous and painful, but very rewarding. When I challenge myself to do something, I stick to it more than anyone else could make me. Sunday afternoon, I decided I was going to go a month without drinking. Now that I'm four days into it, it's about like getting past that first 5k... A real bitch. But since I can't remember the last time I went more than a week without drinking (or late Friday night), I'm going to stick it out. I think I may get a shirt made... The first annual Ben Wright Extreme Liver Challenge! For some reason, I've been having cravings for hallucinogenics all day, which I haven't touched or thought of in about 6 years... I think I'll pass. I'm pretty much tripping every night when I go to sleep anyway. I'll go into that next. Dreams have been weird lately. Lots of waking up sweating and/or relieved that it wasn't real.

But first, in our Bible study tonight, where we are studying the letters of Paul, we talked some about the second coming of Christ. We addressed the idea that the second coming may be a gradual process, and may have already began... Not my theory, but you should give it a little thought. Now back to the weird dreams...

This is from Saturday night..... I'm going to my parents house in Weatherford. Somehow, I can't help going into the wrong house. The neighbor comes in, who I don't know and asks me how I like the place. I tell him it looks good, and he introduces himself as Mr. Billcosbysweater. We shake hands, and I walk up the hill to my parents house. And of course, the elephants are already here. Somehow I know that I was there to find the baby elephants. Me and another person round up three or four baby elephants, and then go back to get some more. We can't keep them in, but we're having a good old time chasing them around the creek where we used to play when I was a kid. We run back, and the elephants we kept in the garage are banging holes in the sheetrock with their trunks. The sky turns an eerie dusk, and army Humvees are barrelling down the road. Large, angry elephants are stampeding down the road and into the creek, and I'm restrained from chasing them, but I try anyway. Then a white truck with yellow flashing lights stops at Mr. Billcosbysweater's house, and round up some of the stray baby elephants. I yell at them and run down there to tell them about the ones in my garage. I also point to some I've trapped in a tree, but they tell me they can't live up there, and when I look back, there are just black rotting elephant heads and we stay away from them. I negotiate a reward for the baby elephants I helped catch, they load them up, and as I watch them drive away, I remember hoping that they weren't going to eat the baby elephants.

Next was last night, Tuesday. Of course, I'm in the familiar River Canyon Trail place. It's a scenic state park kinda place that is recurring, always leads to somewhere else, has water that leads to an underwater spanish city where you can swim and still breath, but you have to cross the turbulent spillway before you get there. A recurring setting many years over. I make my way onto the trail, and I get lost even though I can see the begining from where I started. Something keeps pulling me away when I try to go back, so I decide to give up. There's other people on snowboards and bikes, going down this slick hill that looks like rubbery brown snot. I decide do go down it on foot, and jump the next hill really really high... Full feeling of really going in the air and everything. John from Bikes USA goes up behind me on a snowboard bike combo and does a double backflip. Mandy comes up, and now I can leave. We decide to go see my dad's parents in Tyler, and of course,we can get there right down this trail. We follow it right along the water this time, and there's always snakes right to our back. Can't see them, but we know they are there. I stop to get a drink, and accidentall drop my phone and keys in the water. I don't car about my keys since we're walking, but I reach in the water and a giant snake is swarming about. Before I can say anything, Mandy jumps in the wate rand grabs my stuff. But of course, I'm not worried, it's nothing unusual that Mandy was really a grey and yellow rubber robot when she hit the water. Shook off like a dog when she got out and everything went back to normal. We cut through the yards to get to the neighborhood where the grandparents live, and every house has a carpenter working on a balcony, spraying sawdust like snow all over the place. We get to my grandparents house, and they are having a party with a bunch of italians. Grandad's smoking through a tracheotemy, and he's gained about 200lbs and isn't wearing a shirt. An italian makes me a drink, and we start taking shots in the garage. We all load up in an old yellow cadillac, and take off spinning and sliding through a rainstorm in tyler, running over all kinds of crap and eventually hitting a convienence store. We went in and got some kind of fruity soft drinks, and then I woke up... I have no idea where it would have gone from there.

Yeah, those are my average nights slumber activities. Not embellished or made up... There may be holes, but that's all I can remember. I'm going to start adding these to the blog in the morning, because I think I should pay a little more attention to them, maybe even get something out of them. Or at least free up some space in my mind for the sakeof good in the world.

Peace and hope to my friends,


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