Tuesday, February 04, 2003

There's a lot of stuff going on right now. Space shuttle blew up, we're about to go to war with Iraq, something's going on in Korea, and we're still in the post-9/11 area. There's a sense of peace that has been lost recently. Kind of like the first time you get your ass kicked in elementary school. Recess used to be this fun time to play on the jungle gym or kickball or whatever, and then some kid that's been held back twice by the fifth grade slugs you in the nose. But you know what, it gets better. Your nose quits bleeding, you get older. He's held back another time or two, so you don't have to see him any more. Everything's better, and life goes on.

Then you get into high school. You're at a party, some jock hits you in the head with a bat, calls you freak, and all this other crap. You spend the night in the hospital, and because he's a good friend of the mayor's son, he doesn't get in any trouble. That's 9/11. Then you're always looking over your shoulder and scratching the scars. You have some friends that try to find him, but nothing happens. Everybody knows this has happend before, but it was the straw that broke tha camels back. No more BS, this guy is going down. Not only him, but all those other ass kickers he hangs out with.

What really happens after that is different... Iraq's going to get tore down, and nothing really happens to the other guy. But it's all about actions. You know the right way to go about all this, you make the right decisions, develop your own social standing, and rise above to the point where that guy could never touch you. If he did, it wouldn't hurt anyway since he's so strung out on crank that he weighs 89 pounds. You getting my point? The stuff going on internationally is so much more severe that getting knocked out, but it's life on a larger scale. Like the new Jack Ingram song says, "keep on keep on keepin on." I hear so many people saying "oh man it's the end time i can read the signs in the Bible it said the space shuttle would blow up and it's retaliation bla bla bla..." According to the Bible, we've always been in the End Time. Our concept of time is nothing to God, and it is my opinion that we should not be focusing on what's expiring, but what's going on right now. It's one of those multi-faceted theories that makes life worthwhile... Live like there's no tomorrow but plan to live forever. No, don't go balls out at the liquor store tonight and stop payment on the check. What I'm saying is absorb every opportunity to get the most out of your life and to enhance the life of others. Use these opportunities to create more opportunities, and find ways to make these part of sustaining your life (ie: income).

Everything is a passing gleam... Pleasure fades, and pain heals. The Space Shuttle tradgedy was just that, a tradgedy. But in all reality, it was a one car fatality at the corner of Free World Street and Outer Space Hwy. Nobody saw it coming, and there's nothing we can do about it now. Our friends will be missed. We'll remember to wear our seatbelts, and look both ways. We could decide not to go through that intersection anymore, but then we couldn't leave the area we're inside. Sure, we might hang out here for a while, but eventually we gotta move on. As for the international turbulance, we just gotta keep on truckin' there, too.

May we all have faith in God, that He may influence our leaders to make the right decisions. And not let anybody clock us in the head at a party again, either.


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