Thursday, January 02, 2003

New Year's Resolution Time...

I've never made any new year's resolutions before. Always thought they were stupid and hollow and all that. This year, I've got so much stuff I need to get on track, that I am going to make some. When making these, I didn't just come up with a lot of stuff after new year's, it's all stuff I've been working on already. I guess I've just used 1/1/03 as "time to get it together and quit screwing around." Like everything else, they're almost all mind over matter. Here they are...
1. Take my medicine every day. This is an easy one, but it's the root of everything else. I'm on anxiety/depression medication, and I really don't function well without it. It's easy to run out and skip a few days or a week, but then I spend the next month getting back to normal. If you've been around me when I hadn't been taking it, you'd be behind me on this one.
2. Stay current on tithing. About two years ago, I had no iterest in organized religion, thought it was all bs. I've come to see that I disagree with some things and some people's views, but I've also found a church where I belong. My financial contribution is required to get all the work done that needs to be done.
3. Pay off 75% of my debts & then get Mandy a new car. This is going to be tough... Mandy needs a new car, and I don't like paying intrest on the fajitas I ateat Uncle Julio's two years ago. I'm just going to suck it up and refocus my spending. Maybe find another one of those cush part time jobs I had over Christmas...
4. Get in shape. Too ambiguous, you may say? No, it means getting down to 200lbs, running and completing a 10k (by May 31), and dropping to 18% body fat. Sure, I'll still be worse off than most, but better than the tub of lard I am right now. Since my physical composition right now it 82% enchiladas and Coors Light, it'll probably help the financial side of things, too (see goal #3). So you know, I've already started on this, and I'm up to a 5k run already.
There's a few more, but these are the ones I'm focusing on. I think I'm going to improve the quality of my life with this, and I know it can't hurt anything, can it? Now that you know it, I'll have someone out there in cyberspace that will help me stay accountable. I'll keep you updated, especially on the running part.
Happy new year, everyone. I hope 2003 is the best year yet.


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