Friday, August 09, 2002

9:09 central standard time Fort Worth, Texas... I'm at work and chewing on my tail to get out of here... Raz on the Braz started yesterday, and according to, it's going quite well so far. Rusty Weir's the headliner tonight, among everybody else. Brian Burns, Tommy Alverson, and a favorite of mine, Jay Johnson, will be playing throughout the weekend. Come on down. Check out for all the info. Find the proprietor and say "junebug" and you can get a free beer, or so the Germans would have us think. I am so ready to get outta here. Music, beer, good food, the reeever... What more could I want?
See you there, BW.

Thursday, August 08, 2002

as you can tell by some stuff on my site, i know nothing about HTML and stuff. if there's anyone that can help me out figure out how to fix my links, add comments, and do a counter and pictures and stuff, i'd appreciate it. drop me an email at

I saw this video on TV last night, and now I found it on I haven't been to scared of snakes before, but now I understand why Dan Jenkins will only refer to them as Esses...

The air is not the domain of winged beasts alone. Some creatures—certain species of squirrels and lizards among them—glide above the ground with the help of paired skin flaps that generate lift. But in the case of the paradise tree snake, which dwells in the tropical rainforests of South and Southeast Asia, no such appendages exist. Nor, for that matter, do any other morphological specializations. Yet the animal "flies" with great precision. Study results published today in the journal Nature reveal how.
Videotapes and photographs of wild-caught snakes gliding from a 33-foot-high tower to the ground at the Singapore Zoological Gardens reveal that the animal first dangles from a branch and loops its body into the shape of a J. It then launches itself into the air by accelerating up and away from the branch, and flattens its body to nearly twice its normal width. This, in combination with aerodynamic undulating, allows the snake to stay aloft. Harder to discern is how the beast can do both at once. According to University of Chicago graduate student John J. Socha, who conducted the research, "whatever muscles it’s using to flatten are probably decoupled from the muscles it’s using to undulate." This, he surmises, probably requires specialized neuromuscular control.

when you're looking for a job, and interview after interview is going nowhere in regards to a job you'd like to have? would it be wrong to schedule a second interview with someone that likes you and just roll off all the stuff that they'd find out about you in the first place after you'd been there a year or so? you know, show up in jeans and a LJT music festival tshirt & a hat. when they ask about a goal, tell them to work as little as possible and make as much money as you could. tell them you want a more flexible schedule becaseu you really drink too much. tell them you like to work independently because you often forget to refill your perscription and you turn into a real psycho when you don't have your zoloft cocktail every morning (if a potential empolyer is reading that, mental issues are protected by the ADA)... and then there's the "what are your weaknesses" question... ummm, i'm easily distracted, manuipulative, mean, and i have a sense of humor that can be anywhere from slightly offensive to completely disturbing. yessir, i'm the future of the company.
here's a few things i would suggest to use if you really want to get ahead...
1. i'm 27, but i read on a 29 year old level.
2. i'm not a real black man, i just play one on tv.
3. are those real?
have a good thursday. raz on the braz starts today... i'll be there tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

songs in the works...

i'm actually starting to break my 500 year songwriting dryspell... here's some stuff i'm working on. don't steal my ideas.
coyote at the dog show (i got that idea from another blog).
saddles, guns, and gold.
moon traveler.
lacy loves the racecar drivers.
and a few more i forgot since i started writing this... brain oh brain.

WBAP is working with a bunch of other people to get in the Guinness Book of World Records for the Fastest Round Of Golf. All the proceeds go to charity. It's like a golf relay, and the record they're trying to beat is 9 MINUTES FOR 18 HOLES. That's freakin' fast. 30 seconds a hole. You'd have to have a darn good group layed out to pull that off. I was thinking that it's be more like 30 minutes.

I saw something a while back on the news called Speed Gold. No, it's not mixing crank and greens, it's aerobic golf. you play the game with your putter and a club of your choice, and run your ass off. I'd choose a 7 iron. actually, i think i'm going to do this one day next week. 7 and a putter. i'm going to play nine holes after work and see what i pull off. i'm still trying to break 100, and i think this is my way to do it. maybe someday i'll be on the pga tour. i could pull people out of the crowd to caddy for me, and they'd be like "i'd use the 7 iron, sir." ben wright approaches the 17th, a 300 yard par 4, i think he's going to shoot left of the bunker about 200 yards out with his 7, then use his 7 to the green, and then he'll put... the commentators would sound smarter, more people would go play golf since they'd be cool with only one club...

Tuesday, August 06, 2002


OK, I'm on his side this time. I believe he got provoked, and I think he got pushed pretty far. Unfortunately, this just brings up the other stuff that he's done before. At least he's not Rodman. One thing I think is funny... He was probably only one of the straight people in that part of town. He would have stuck out even if he wasn't a famous athlete.

Monday, August 05, 2002

good ban alert!!! good band alert!!!
jasper stone played at fred's friday night. they're a great roots rock kinda band. no cover, either. not sure of their website or anything, but check them out if you're around.

went to the ranger's game saturday... started out at the swimming pool earlier to get the core temperature down, then to tailgate for a while. we used charcoal on the grills, but i think we could have just left the food out for a few minutes and it would have cooked just fine. anyway, we saw a really good game, and i managed to forget all the bs going on in sports and baseball in general, and had a good time. they won, too, which i have rarely witnessed in the games i have attended...