Thursday, July 18, 2002

I think I'm going to make Thursday my designated morning to get nothing done. I'm developing a habit of drinking too much on Wednesday nights... I think my goal right now is to stay on this planet for a week. More details to come.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

The radio just said fans of Allen Iverson were gathered
outside the courthouse where he turned himself in. Fans...
Gathered outside... Come on, find someone that's not getting
tried for assult to look up to. It takes a lot of drive and talent to
be a professional athlete, but it also takes ignorance and lack of
self control to get in trouble for beating someone up. I'm sure he's
going to but his bucks on the line and hire some bigtime attorney,
and people are going to think it's money that matters not law, and
unfortunately they're going to be somewhat right.

Monday, July 15, 2002


Ok, I was on a kick of feeling quite useful before I wrote that first post about the dryer. I was keeping stuff running left and right. Then a neighbor asked me if I'd jackhammer some stuff up, he'd pay me $100. Oh hell yeah, easy money, he was renting the jackhammer. Unfortunately, i couldn't destroy the concrete as easily as I could the household appliances. I think there should be a section in the want ads that says "Jobs that Suck." they could put Jackhammering in there. On the upside, I think I lost about 100 pounds. Would have been more, but it was a nice cool Texas summer day, only about 90 degrees.

y'all check out . he's got a new cd out, i'm going to write a review of it later on here.

The Big '01...
Today's my dog Willie's first birthday. Maybe that makes him 7 in dog years, you know how they think about stuff like that. He also thinks he's about 99 pounds instead of 9. There's a lot that I've learned from my dogs, but I'm focusing on Willie since it's his birthday. 1. You have your own perception of youself (as reffered to in the size refrence). You are as big and tough as you want to be. 2. If someone offers you something extra(bone) in return for doing something (sit), it is worth your while. As long as you do your main job (chase squirrels, bark), you'll get the necessities (food & water), but it pays to go above and beyond. 3. Live within your means (inside the fence). There's other stuff out there, but you'll probably end up in trouble when you get back. And finally, 6. Sometime you bite the same people that pet you. Just happens that way.