Saturday, October 19, 2002

Ch ch ch changes...

Everybody's been telling me how much my life would change once the
baby got here. Everyone was right, but it's really not been as drastic
as I expected it to be. Since I don't have mammory glands, I'm not too good
at getting up to feed in the middle of the night. Sure, I get up every time I need to, but since
I've always woke up about ever couple hours anyway, it's not that much different.

The main thing that's so different is the whole "what was going on before we had kids?" business.
I can't imagine not having Luke around now that he's here. It's really consuming, and you can tell
how much he's absorbing and kind of "learning to learn."

Also, thanks to Jamam at Pop's Safari Cigar and Wine bar for the box of National Brand Honduran cigars and
Mohogany humidor that they gave me when he was born. I think it's pretty cool to do the old school
thing of giving out cigars when the baby's born.

Speaking of old school, we had plenty of sonograms, but we didn't find out what sex the baby was
before he got here. I'm really glad we did that. I'm very greatful that we had all the technology to
make the birth go as well as it did. When he came out and the Dr said "it's a boy!" I felt that one connection you can
have to any other generation, 10,000 years ago (ugh! BOY!) to when I was born in the mid 70's.


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