Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Yesterday's Horned Frogs v. Bearcats game was one of the kinda games that makes me watch football. I just thought I'b be writing something different...
Nick Browne broke his own confrence record with five field goals. TCU had about 4 interecptions. They came back after being scored on 2 minutes into the game. They had 16 penalties last time I checked. It went into overtime, and it was over as quick as the first time they were scored on, and killed by an interception.
So the team I was rooting for lost. Since I don't bet, what was I out? I guess if they were to loose like 5 or 6 in a row, it'd be different, but this was the first game. It was definitely the kind of game that will have me back watching the next one... We've got Northwestern coming up nest week (there) and SMU on the 14th (here)... Football season is here. What makes me really excited about football seasons? I think it's have to be the declining temperatures that come along with it.


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