Friday, September 06, 2002

The Whataburger Files...
So i head into Whataburger on Beach Street earlier... (Since it's in NE FTW, that's pronounced beee-ach street.) I do my best to order by number to reduce the chance of stumbling on the language barrier (how have I done anything in my life without learning Es Spanole?). But then you get to the part where you have to say No Pickles No Onions with Cheese and Jalepeno's (see, I do know some spanish...) and they repeat an you want the onions and pickles no jalepenos, you want cheese? bla bla bla AND NO MUSTARD. of course this translates to the cook as He said MO MUSTAD! and they slather it up with that biley infectious tangy goo and you don't catch it until you get back to your office and say damn they put mustard on it again but eat it anyway, and what do you know, IT'S Pretty Good. (sorry, I couldn't afford extra punctuation in the last part). And now I ask myself a question of the ages: How much stuff is there that I like to eat that I have only eaten on accident up to the point I started liking it? It mostly applies just to fast food, but it's quite a bit of stuff. (FYI - Brian Burns is on the radio right now). Sweet & Sour sauce, pickles, Subway, fried oysters, diet coke, i'm sure there's more. But I guarantee that if you took that list and blended it all together, it would taste like sheeee-it. (unless you added garlic butter and tobasco sauce).


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