Friday, September 06, 2002

So I'm playing with Earl Bishop this weekend at Tex's Taphouse in Dallas, doing the song-swap songwriter thing that we do so well. Thought I'd call Stehen Pointer to see if he'd play lead with us... Of course he would... For a price. He's worth paying. Just now that you know I've got to pay someone else, you should come out and see me so we'll make some more. He's a killer lead player, great songwriter, good friend of mine, and a general dick when he wants to be. Makes him a well rounded good guy. He has a CD out, Panhandle to Padre. Available at RecordTown in FTW for $15. Really good stuff, I'd compare him to a young Jack Ingram with a little Pat green thrown in for good measure. And, I think he's the only person in the World that doesn't have a website.


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