Tuesday, September 17, 2002

I was driving around, killing time at lunch, enjoying the fresh air and stuff.
I decided to drive a little south of my office, never been down there before. A couple
friend of mine are cops, and they had referred to the "south side" and I just assumed it was
like any other part of town with it's good parts and bad parts and all that. Wow. No, it was quite different
than what I live in... Don't think that I'm judging anyone or saying anything bad,
but the was the hood.
It's hard for me to grasp how a lot down the street from my house can sell for $130,000 and I can
drive about 6 miles away, and there's a whole quadrant of town that is on beyond run down, there are
vacant lots where there used to be houses, and a mile or two away, there's a hundred new buildings
being built.
I guess it's like the people two blocks west in their Land Cruisers from me might say "how can he drive that old decrepit 98 Chevy pickup?" when i think it's a great ride. I guess it's just what you're
acclimated to, how you're raised and what you think is normal... I'm sure there's people
that grew up there and got out as fast as they could, and I'm sure there's some people
that wouldn't change much if they had ten million dollars.
On the subject of ten million dollars, I found this website with information on most of the cities
in America.
I'm not sure how accurate it is, but it said the per capita income in Fort Worth is $13,162. I have a really hard time believing that, but maybe I've built my own shelter around my life.
On the same page, the median income is stated at $30,967 which makes much more sense to me.

I'm glad I made the short cruise that I did at lunch today. I think my eyes are more open to
my community, and as they say on the NBC PSA's the more you know....


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