Monday, September 30, 2002

I guess to be a real guy, you have to like tools.
And where I grew up, tools were usually big stuff you had to
learn to operate and pay monthly on, or at least mix the gas and oil,
but I'm a little Citified since then.
Point in case - I bought an Electric Chainsaw today. Sure, it has
a cord, no gas or Cool Exhaust Smell, but I really like it.
Remingtion 3hp with a 14" blade. Chopped down a large
but dead tree in my front yard this morning. And I only managed to
drop half of it into the street... Luckly, no cars were hit.
And since I was working on Extra Points to get my Man Card
upgrade, I used a large rusty chain and pulled it out of the street
with my Chevrolet Pickup. Yes, I'm feeling macho today.
And to think when I started blogging, I couldn't even fix a Dryer.
On the other had, this didn't involve any fixing, just lots of cutting.
Big noises. Large stuff crashing to the ground. I almost yelled "timber" at
one point, but there was no one around to hear me.

I think I'll just have to go grab a Coors Original and tell rodeo stories
with my pirate buddies...


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