Thursday, August 22, 2002

You know, i'm having a really good day. Got about three hoursof sleep last night, but it's because I went and did the open mike thing at the top rail in dallas that Brian Burns hosts every wednesday. it's been a while since i've done anything like an open mike, it was really fun to play something that laid back and easy. stephen pointer went along and played lead, then played some of his stuff. i actually remembered not to get completely bombed, and it did pay off...
we did hit traffic... at 1am. how i miss dallas traffic. i guess it was grand prarie, it all runs together east of ftw to me. then we got back to stephen's apartment complex, also known as stonegate ghetto (the new luxury housing project), and the New Management had disabled the gate code. stephen didn't have his opener, so we had to wait like we were stalking the place for someone to come out. finally got home a little after 2 after hitting whataburger where i ran into a couple friends of mine. there's something about taquitos after 2 that are just too good to pass up. i've always wondered what the per capita BAC is among late night whataburger patrons...
guess i better get back to work.


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