Thursday, August 08, 2002

when you're looking for a job, and interview after interview is going nowhere in regards to a job you'd like to have? would it be wrong to schedule a second interview with someone that likes you and just roll off all the stuff that they'd find out about you in the first place after you'd been there a year or so? you know, show up in jeans and a LJT music festival tshirt & a hat. when they ask about a goal, tell them to work as little as possible and make as much money as you could. tell them you want a more flexible schedule becaseu you really drink too much. tell them you like to work independently because you often forget to refill your perscription and you turn into a real psycho when you don't have your zoloft cocktail every morning (if a potential empolyer is reading that, mental issues are protected by the ADA)... and then there's the "what are your weaknesses" question... ummm, i'm easily distracted, manuipulative, mean, and i have a sense of humor that can be anywhere from slightly offensive to completely disturbing. yessir, i'm the future of the company.
here's a few things i would suggest to use if you really want to get ahead...
1. i'm 27, but i read on a 29 year old level.
2. i'm not a real black man, i just play one on tv.
3. are those real?
have a good thursday. raz on the braz starts today... i'll be there tomorrow.


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