Friday, August 16, 2002

OK, I had to wait a long time before I did this, but I think it's really funny. Mandy and I have really had a lot of great people being very generous to us in all the preparations and gifts for our baby. We had a shower a couple weeks ago, and got pretty much everything. We got a lot of other stuff, too. We got a lot of stuff that was like "wow, this is cool, I'm glad they thought about that," and a few "what the hell where they thinking?" Mandy was doing her duty as a polite and proper lady and filling out the tahnkyou cards. I was drinking beer on the couch and watching TV, and she was telling me about who gave us what and stuff. I came up with the idea to send out a ranking of the who and what, you know, like the standings after a race. In first place, from who ever, a gift of bla, bla, bla... In second... And then of course if you have that, you'd have to have the "failed to qualify" list... Yeah, it was shot down as soon as (or even before) I finished saying it... But it's an idea. We got some good laughs out of it. I think I'll add it to the book I'm writing about how to be a good parent when you're a freak in the first place. it started out as a baby name book on not what to name your kid, with all the reasons to make fun of each name, but i think it's going to be something a lot bigger and much less useful.


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