Thursday, August 29, 2002

A great Blogger once said that some of the best bloggers only post
once a day, and he thought that was ver Hemmingway-like. He wasn't referring to me, since he had recently sent me an email on "how horrible was at blogging." Anyway, he has also taught me
how to be good at blogging, but that's not my point...
I read The Torrents of Spring the other day, and that's one of those books that's really good in
quite the strange way. It's only about 100 pages long, but after you're done, it's just like
you read a 1000 page book, takes you through the pump factories up north, through a broken relationship, into another one, and then there's a quick switcharoo (sorry for the technical literary
terms) into a completely different group of characters, a bird, an old lady, and my favorite of any story, some indians. It's kinda like the warm Chinook wind is blowing you through the pages.
I like reading stuff that's set up north and has talk of the cold weather, to me that's pretty much like science fiction since I've been in the land of 100 degree summers all my life.

I like Hemmingway's stuff. I've been to his house in Key West. See his 5 toed cats and the sculpture Picasso made him. I've even read some books about him, which is something I rarely ever like to do. There's a great picture of him and his son on the back of a fishing boat off the coast of Cuba, asleep in the sun, and he's go some sort of cocktail in his hand and a machine gun across his shoulder... Just the typical family vacation. "Son, lets go fishing! You grab the poles and tackle, I'll get the machine guns and rum!"

Yes, his life ended in tradgedy, but he had some serious problems that the treatment just made worse. I've always liked his stuff. It's written in such a depressing manner and theme, but it never gets me down. I've played some music in the bar where he used to hang out when I was in the Keys, that was pretty cool. It was one of the same places that Buffett and JJW used to play when they were just getting started. I have no intent of ever doing the same types of work that any of them have done, but it sure is neat to put myself in those same places.

I need to get out of town for a while, and I don't think the trip to san antonio this weekend is going to cut it.


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