Wednesday, August 07, 2002

WBAP is working with a bunch of other people to get in the Guinness Book of World Records for the Fastest Round Of Golf. All the proceeds go to charity. It's like a golf relay, and the record they're trying to beat is 9 MINUTES FOR 18 HOLES. That's freakin' fast. 30 seconds a hole. You'd have to have a darn good group layed out to pull that off. I was thinking that it's be more like 30 minutes.

I saw something a while back on the news called Speed Gold. No, it's not mixing crank and greens, it's aerobic golf. you play the game with your putter and a club of your choice, and run your ass off. I'd choose a 7 iron. actually, i think i'm going to do this one day next week. 7 and a putter. i'm going to play nine holes after work and see what i pull off. i'm still trying to break 100, and i think this is my way to do it. maybe someday i'll be on the pga tour. i could pull people out of the crowd to caddy for me, and they'd be like "i'd use the 7 iron, sir." ben wright approaches the 17th, a 300 yard par 4, i think he's going to shoot left of the bunker about 200 yards out with his 7, then use his 7 to the green, and then he'll put... the commentators would sound smarter, more people would go play golf since they'd be cool with only one club...


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