Tuesday, August 27, 2002

4:12 pm on tuesday... it's been a long drawn out day here. unfortunately, i work for a company who believes in clock watching
and degrading their employees for jobs well done. i'm done all the wok i possible could today. i thought i'd do the search engine thing with my dogs names. Wilbur Raton, the miniature rat terrier know round these parts as Willie, his name didn't produce any results. if you asked him, his 9 pounds would say "it's cuz i'm too ferocious, now go get me some meat, hey!" on the other hand, searchin by my miniature schnauzer's full name, Daisy LaFleur, did turn up one match. It was an article about having breast implants removed. What would she say about this? "I don't need no breats implants, I'm already pretty enough! You better go get that meat for ma and willie before i bite your ass, hey!"

You may be asking yourself, where's the "hey" come from? Me and Mandy and Stephen have always been speaking for our dogs, and our interpertations have always involved somewhat of an aggressive french tone with the type of grammar that you would expect a dog to use.

on a completely unrelated note, today is my buddy Jeff's birthday! the big 2-6. were headed to pop's safari to have a stogie and too meany beers and or port, and then to pappasito's for dinner. he's named after JJW, his driver's liscense has Jerry Jeff Hawkins on it, so does his birth certificate. unfortunately, his parents have been gone for quite a while, long before we knew who JJW was so I have no idea why he's named that.


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