Monday, July 29, 2002

It's Monday. I'm back. I'm sore as hell but I sure had a darn good weekend. Hit the road out to Jacksonville to see our friend JohnT and McKenzie. I figured out how to maintain the perfect buzzzzz... drink a six pack at the usual rate (read: fast) and then keep consuming at the rate of 3-4 for the next 48 hours. yes it worked. i assume i'm sore from tubing and jetskiing, maybe it's some kind of f'd up hangover that's effecting my arms and legs. you never know.
we had 6 people in a 450sf house/lodge, 7 if you count the baby inside my wife's stomach... cramped? hell no. it was great. we were out on the lake most of the time in duane's 454 baja or on the dock... i put on just enough sunscreen to still get a little burned so i can remember how much fun it was but not be in a jet ski up to 50 mph (my personal record) and ate enough fajita meat to keep the diet coors flowing through me system. foound a new scott copeland cd i hadn't heard. played some guitar. fyi - if someone is driving up really fast ona jetski and you're holding a $1600 martin, RUN AWAY! luckily, it didn't hurt it but it sure scared the crap out of me. i don't remember it coming with a waterproof rating like my watch...

there's a lot more from this weekend that i'll add on here later on. hope you had as much fun as i did in the last two days.


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