Thursday, July 25, 2002


Earl Bishop of San Antonio, TX will be releasing his new CD in the very near future. His first CD titled Chasing down a Dream contains all original material. It was recorded at Free Spirit Studio in Dallas, Texas and produced by Stephen Pointer. The CD has a relatively simple sound, including vocals, rythm & lead guitar, harmonica, bass, and drums. The tracks they've used does a great job of bringing the talent of Earl'
s songwriting to the surface, and the musicians fill the sound, but the lyrics are what you really catch.

Earl's writing style is a great blend of the current Texas country styles. The first track, Taking Life Slow, rolls off with a traveling drum beat and pulls you into the lyrics about a job that's keeping him down, when his heart and mind are far off in another world. The refences to Central America really make you think about what you're doing, and makes me want to keep my mind open, go where the wind blows. Britton Park is a reminicent song from the highschool friends, drinking Jack, and how some people just don't ever get out of town.

I've always heard that you write best about what you know about, and Earl proves that with the drinking song.

Man this sucks. My review, not the CD. The CD's great, it's fun, it's deep it's good music, it's cool stuff. I'm going to try this again later when I'm in the mood to write something that doesn't sound like it should be in a high school paper. My opinion must do this CD justice, it's darn good.


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