Tuesday, July 30, 2002

As I'm sitting here in my 8x12 corporate cell listening to the Oldies station (who's slogan is We Play All Songs Older Than You Are), I was listening to a song that I thought was Mr. Bogangles (it was something else), and it made me think about something... Everyone's always bitching about so and so pop star recording a "Texas Songwriters" song (a title I am rapidly learning to dilike). Where would some of these guys be if they wouldn't have had some other guys record hits that they wrote? Jerry Jeff and Mr. Bogangles, Chis Wall and Trashy Women... I'm sure there's a thousand more but I'm not thinking right now... We can even go further into a sub-genre (Tom, is that a real word?), look how much RedNeck Mother did for Ray Wiley Hubbard when JJW recorded it, or what about all the songs Chris Claridy wrote (currently of 1100 Springs fame) in the early Jack Ingram days...


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